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Experience Church Re-Imagined

Experience Church Re-Imagined!

Lifesong is a new, dynamic and vibrant community of faith in Newbury Park, CA.  Our mission statement of "offering our everyday life to reflect the love of Christ in the Conejo Valley" has led us to re-imagine church in a way that meets the needs of people living in this community today.  God has placed on our hearts the desire to grow as we:

  • Believe in God, trust God and try to learn more about God through Biblical teachings and studying scripture
  • Belong to a faithful community that values genuine friendships
  • Become Christians who worship God with a life of discipleship and follow Jesus

Our Worship Gatherings are at the Borchard Community Center on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month at 10 AM.  On the first Sunday of each month we 'do church' by sharing God's love with our community and participating in a service project.  Third Sundays are Cluster gatherings where we invite you to join us for a more intimate time of worship and fellowship.  These 3rd Sunday 'Clusters' usually take place in the comfortable setting of a home.   As you live out your faith in your every day life, we encourage you to take advantage of these ongoing ministries as well (see the Belonging section of our website for more details on each):

  • Join a Home Church Group which meets during the week and provides an awesome opportunity for deeper Bible study in a small group setting.  
  • Participate as a Family, and discover how you and your children (regardless of age or family structure) can grow in your faith together. 
  •   Become part of a Triad and experience closer relationships with two other Christians as you journey into a deeper life of discipleship. 

If you have any questions, would like to receive regular Lifesong updates via email, or would like someone to pray for you, just shoot me an email ( or click through our site and read a little more.  Thanks for checking us out...

God's Peace, 

Pastor Rich Gregory

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