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  • Authentic Faith that wrestles with deep questions & ideas. We are open to each other’s convictions and doubts, and are willing to question our faith and be vulnerable with our brothers and sisters as we walk this amazing and often surprising path of faith.

  • Love of Others expressed in service to the community and focus on social justice. We serve.  Not just on the first Sunday of the month, but in our everyday lives.  We serve our friends, our neighbors, and yes, even our enemies.

  • Authentic Relationships which build discipleship, especially by mentoring our kids in the faith. Growing in faith is an intentional act that we live out in our everyday lives.  By investing our time and love in each other, through prayer, study, mentorship, and just living life together, we grow in the faith and as a community.

  • Being a “Place of Peace” where authentic relationships and grace bring healing for those hurt by, or “done” with, the Church. Lifesong is a different kind of church.  Many of us come from a background where “church” meant politics, bureaucracy, and burn-out.  Instead we strive for something different, for a grace-filled community that is energizing, spontaneous, flexible, safe, and fun.

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